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Answer these questions related to COD's 1. Why do you think the incidence of SUD is...

Answer these questions related to CODs 1. Why do you think the incidence of SUD is so high for those identified with a co-oc
Answer these questions related to COD's 1. Why do you think the incidence of SUD is so high for those identified with a co-occurring or comorbid condition? 2. Explain an integrated treatment model 3. Provide a good estimate for how many individuals are currently diagnosed with a COD
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1. It is generally noted that the incidence of substance use disorder Is high in patients with a co occurring or a co morbid condition. Most of the people who have substance use disorder were also diagnosed with a co-occurring mental disorder. This occurs mainly because one condition is dependent and can be aggravated by another. The person with a mental disorder is most likely to develop a substance abuse and likewise a person with substance abuse disorder is most likely to develop a mental disorder. Alcohol abuse is associated with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders etc. This may be due to the fact that they both have common factors like stress, troubled childhood, pressure, mental trauma, genetics, environmental conditions, cultural beliefs and so on. The patients with one disorder resort to substance abuse to get a temporary relief from the pain and stress due to the disease. This later on becomes an addiction leading to substance use disorder.

2. The integrated treatment models for treating co occurring disorders focusses on treating both the substance use disorder and co occurring mental illness. This approach is employed after research and conclusion that both the disorders are co related and treating one of them would not be enough and could lead to relapses. This treatment model includes standardisation of screening, integration of services from both the individual departments, using the available results to plan and treatment. The diagnosis is a dual diagnosis. The patient with one condition is also screened for the second. Example the patient with substance use disorder is also screened for any mental disorders and vice versa. This approach helps identify the co occurring disorders early for better treatment. The clinicians are trained and have knowledge to deal with both the disorders simultaneously. The treatment includes usage of motivational therapies, cultural, family and social interventions, pharmacotherapy and so on. The entire course of treatment is planned keeping in mind the both disorders simultaneously.

3. Out of all substance use disorder patients more than 50% drug abusers and more than 35% alcohol abusers were diagnosed with some kind of mental disorder. Also about 50% of mentally ill patients have experienced substance abuse. Almost more than 8 million people in USA alone are known to be suffering from co occurring disorders.

This is a brief overview of the topic. Hope this helps you. Please feel free to give your feedback and if you want further elaborate explanation. Thank you and have a great day.

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Answer these questions related to COD's 1. Why do you think the incidence of SUD is...
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