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Please answer 2 or 3 questions. Thank you!!! Question 1: Problems may arise when different groups...

Please answer 2 or 3 questions. Thank you!!!

Question 1: Problems may arise when different groups have different associated meanings with the same symbol. For example, Wiccan high school students are often prohibited from wearing the swastika symbol to school. What do you think should be done in these situations? Should an individual be allowed to wear a symbol that might offend others who mistake its meaning?

Question 2: What are the purposes of religious toys and games? Can they be analyzed in the same way as more traditional religious objects? Why or why not?

Question 3: What are the symbolic uses of time and space on your campus?

Question 4: Most colleges and universities and professional athletic teams are represented by mascots. Is there a relationship between the characteristics of the mascot and the particular institution? What roles do mascots play in American culture?

Question 5: What role does music play in American culture? In what settings and for what purposes is music used?

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Answer for Question 1:

It is a general mistake done by people who does not know the meaning of one thing might interpret some other meaning that could be totally wrong to the given symbol in most of the situations. In the given case, wearing swastika symbol has been prohibited. Here, you can say that wearing the symbol may not make the other people harm rather than that particular person talks more about that makes the conversation worse. Every individual has the right to wear any symbol which might not offend others in public places. But, in an educational institution, restriction of such symbol is good to avoid problems inside the campus which actually makes the student community to work in unity instead of creating them as a group just because of the symbol they use. So, it depends on the decision of the educational institutes as a whole.

Answer for Question 2: Purposes of religious toys and games.

The religious toys are used for analyzing cases of archaeology mostly. But in other cases, if a Christian man prefers a religious toy, he prefers Jesus statue toys, key chains with cross symbol or with Jesus statue, Easter egg toys, etc. For other community people, they prefer their own religious toys only and nothing else in almost all situations.

Religious objects are cultural specific and it has its own sacred meaning. These objects are used for specific purposes like music creating, singing songs, used for conducting programs related to religious events. Some examples of religious objects are Jewish music boxes, guitar, keyboard, veena, violin, etc.

So, if you analyze the religious toys and games together, you can say that religious toys may have very little use like you can play with that or it will be like a novelty in the reading room or in some other sacred places around us whereas the objects are used widely for the purposes specified above. So, religious objects have more cultural specific aspect in it and we use it for so many occasions in our life.   

Question 3: The symbolic uses of time and space on my campus.

In my campus symbol, they used a symbol not only with a single symbol but it has more than 4 items in it, namely elephants, tree, traditional Indian musical instrument, and flower. Here, the elephant signifies concentration and memory, significance of time management, beauty of education with the flower symbol, the educated can survive in any space where they go, longevity of educated life with the tree, and the temple and the musical instrument symbolizes the tradition of the country. Inside the campus, we are free to use any symbol provided it should not harm others.

No one is forced to follow any of the particular tradition or religion inside the campus rather people who are unstable in their minds avoid the institutions run by other community people different from their own community due to the preoccupied misunderstanding among them about other community people that has been taught to them from their childhood.

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Please answer 2 or 3 questions. Thank you!!! Question 1: Problems may arise when different groups...
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