You are given the two waveforms below. v = 70.7 sin(100nt) and i=7.07 sin (120 nt – 30°) The above two equations prove that o
QUESTION 5 The quantity 30 - j25 mS represents Reactance O Admittance Resistance Impedance
a b The above elements represent the following o 30+ j20 ms o 30 - 320 22 o 30 - j20 ms o 30+ j20 92
20 0 210 ot The above graph represents the following waveform formula o i = 20 sin(01-30°) o i = 20 sin(@t – 210°) o e = 20
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1.) Given, page- voltage Sources also 1 zero. Some- V= 70.7 sin(100114) , 1=7.07 sin (120116-309 a) It said voltage and curreQuestion 5: elements page-2 (30-325)ms *s is inverse of Z. s means Semens. * If we have j then it is not resistance apage 3 (d) Impedance contains resistance and Reactance. Eg (x+jy) * Its unit is si Not S. False Next Question; b * As capaNext Question: page-4 20V احياد 210 1 As it is 210° for half cycle, * It has to be 30°. Because 180° is completed 210.180=30°

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You are given the two waveforms below. v = 70.7 sin(100nt) and i=7.07 sin (120 nt...
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