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Explain how technology impacts the society or the social development. (6 marks)

Explain how technology impacts the society or the social development. (6 marks)

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Technology or Innovation society and life or innovation and culture alludes to reliance codependence, co-impact, and co-generation of innovation and society upon the other (innovation upon culture, and the other way around). This synergistic relationship happened from the beginning of mankind, with the innovation of straightforward instruments and proceeds into present day advances, for example, the print machine and PCs. The scholastic order concentrating the effects of science, innovation, and society, and the other way around is called science and innovation considers.

The least complex type of innovation is the advancement and utilization of fundamental apparatuses. The ancient revelation of how to control fire and the later Neolithic Revolution expanded the accessible wellsprings of nourishment, and the creation of the wheel helped people to go in and control their condition. Improvements in memorable occasions, including the print machine, the phone, and the Internet, have diminished physical boundaries to correspondence and enabled people to collaborate unreservedly on a worldwide scale.

Innovation has numerous impacts. It has grown further developed economies (counting the present worldwide economy) and has permitted the ascent of a relaxation class. Numerous innovative procedures produce undesirable results known as contamination and exhaust normal assets to the drawback of Earth's condition. Advancements have consistently impacted the estimations of a general public and brought up new issues in the morals of innovation. Models remember the ascent of the idea of proficiency for terms of human profitability, and the difficulties of bioethics.

Philosophical discusses have emerged over the utilization of innovation, with contradictions about whether innovation improves the human condition or exacerbates it. Neo-Luddism, anarcho-primitivism, and comparative reactionary developments reprimand the inescapability of innovation, contending that it hurts nature and distances individuals; defenders of belief systems, for example, transhumanism and techno-progressivism see proceeded with mechanical progress as useful to society and the human condition

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Explain how technology impacts the society or the social development. (6 marks)
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