3. What is the name of the angle at which windows are typically oriented in lasers? Find the angle shown in the figure below, given that the laser tube has a refractive index of n 1.5 Which type of polarization oscillates and is emitted by the laser?
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The angle at which windows are typically oriented in lasers is called Brewster's angle.

It is an angle of incidence at which p- polarized light is perfectly transmitted through a transparent dielectric surface.

at this angle, the unpolarized (monochromatic or light with various wavelengths ) is incident, light is s- polarized and reflected.

glass refraction index= 1.5 , and refraction index of air = 1.

therefore , Brewster’s angle = tan-1(1.5/1) = 56.3o

polarization is of two types P- polarized(electric field parallel to the plane of the incident) and s- polarization(electric field perpendicular to plane of the incident)

when the light is incident at this angle, then it is reflected and produce s-polarized.

when p- polarized light is incident, then it is perfectly transmitted without reflection

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3. What is the name of the angle at which windows are typically oriented in lasers?...
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