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does this journal entry sound redundant? what can I do to improve?

Should the Houston City Council consider a pact with the Walmart developer to secure improvements for the Heights community? Why?Explain.

I believe that the Houston City Council should considera pact with Walmart developer, Ainbinder Company, to secure $6 million in infrastructure improvements around the 24-acre site at Yale and Koehler Streets inthe Heights section of Houston. This site is on a former industrial acreage which has been a wasteland for years with no priority agenda for improvementin the near future. Ainbinder is proposing major improvements such as street and sidewalk widening, beautification of two bridges and extension of ajogging trail on Heights Boulevard. The City will be required to pay back these expenses from tax revenues generated from the development. Heightsresidents are divided on this issue. Some believe that the neighborhood will further deteriorate, add to crime and traffic and would be tough competition forsmall proprietors. Others believe it is a much needed alternative to higher priced stores and would be an affordable place to shop. Both points arevalid. However, my feeling is we cannot assume that just because a Walmart is being built in a neighborhood, that automatically the neighborhood willbecome crime-ridden. It sounds like these improvements will be substantial and would add to the aesthetic look of the neighborhood. I believe this isa golden opportunity for this area of town to be given a “boost”. In summary, I think that Houston City Council should consider taking advantage of thisoffer that Ainbinder is proposing.

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