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C Sharp - Auto Repair Shop program (please read details)

Hello,(( please read everything))

I've submitted this before and received two very incorrect responses and I still had given credit to those two people. Im not doing that again. This is a C #class, must include c# code and must look like picture below. I would really need detailed explanation (on label3: lblJobNumber, etc). I will not give credit toanyone that does not include detailed explanation.

Thank you !!!

Here is the assignment:

uploaded imageCreate a programthat will produce a summary of the amounts due for Pat's Auto Repair Shop. Display a splash screen first, then display the Job Information Form. Be sure your JobInformation Form has the following Menu Items:

The Job Information Form should contain TextBoxes for the user to enter the job number, customer name, amount charged for parts, and the hours of labor. IncludeLabels and TextBoxes for Parts, Labor, Subtotal, Sales Tax, and Total.

The Exit menu item should end the application.

The Calculate menu item should determine the charges and display them in the Labels. The tax rate and the hourly labor charge should be set up as named constantsso that they can be easily modified if either changes. Current charges are $50 per hour for labor and 8% (0.08) for the sales tax rate. Sales tax is charged ononly parts, not labor. Be sure to format your output as currency.

The Clear menu item should clear the TextBoxes and reset the focus in the first TextBox.

The About menu item should display information about your program using the Visual Studio About Box template item.

As always, be sure to use appropriate identifier names, an appropriate title for your Form, and comments throughout your program. Also be sure to continue to placekeyboard functionality (access keys, an accept button, appropriate tab order, etc.) for use in your interface.

Finally, be sure to provide exception handling inside your Calculate menu item's Click event to handle the situation where your user may enter any non-numericalvalues.

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C Sharp - Auto Repair Shop program (please read details)
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