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Synthesizing using reagents??

You have been given the task of synthesizing 2 alcohols for yourR&D boss at Alcohol Synthesizers Anonymous (sorry!).Listed below are the only reagents towhich you have access.There is one problem - due to budget cutbacks you onlyhave enough organic reagents for one synthesis which means you canonly use anorganic reagent from thetable once (you can use any other reagent as many times as youwant).

ApropeneBBr2, lightCethanal
D 1-buteneE HBr, noperoxidesFformaldehyde
G 1-penteneH Mg metalI ethyleneoxide
J HBr,peroxidesK propanalL aqueousacid

Give the letter of the reagent you would use in sequence to effectthis synthesis starting with the organic reagent which is thesource of most of the carbons in thealcohol. You should needto put a reagent in each box.

a) The first alcohol you need to synthesize is1-heptanol.
correct check markcorrect check markwrong check markwrong check markwrong check mark

b) The second alcohol you need to synthesize is 1-pentanol.
correct check markwrong check markwrong check markwrong check markcorrect check mark

This was my first guess and you can see I was off.
Can anyone show me where I went wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.
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a) G J H I L

b) D J H FL

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Synthesizing using reagents??
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