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Assignment Guidelines: Use the retailer “Victoria Secret” and their website for giving answers fo...

Assignment Guidelines:

Use the retailer “Victoria Secret” and their website for giving answers for the next questions:

1. Identify and discuss 10 features you found, as positive influences at your retailer, which would make you want to frequent this store and purchase from them.

2. Identify and discuss 10 features you found, as positive influences at your retailer’s eCommerce site, which would make you want to purchase from this website rather than purchase from the physical location.

3. Comparing the Bricks and Mortar location to the website, discuss the differences in how they each display merchandise to encourage purchases.

4. Discuss the differences they have regarding their inventories. Is there more availability of product on their website versus their physical location?

5. Does the website offer more choices than a physical location? Does it offer different assortments? Explain.

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victoria secrets is a large e-commerce site for women innerwears and beauty products. this site help women to find their wears and products without travelling for hours in search of stores. (1) the features which influence our retailer and make customers to visit our site frequently are as follows: a. anyone can buy lingerie without feeling creepy: the founder of Victoria secrets faced the same amount of embarrassment because he was buying lingerie for her wife. so he thought of starting this site where anyone can buy without being judged. b. varieties: the variety available for women products and innerwears is very much. thus customers can make choices according to themselves. c.have control over the market: as no brand sells both products and lingeries together .so this helps victoria secrets to out shine in the market.d.have branches overseas: victoria scerts opened many brances overseas which helps in reaching towards many coustomers.e. growing rapidly: as victoria secerts covering the major part of women market due to whcih the market value of it is increasing dayby day.

2 there are many benefits of online shopping over purchasing from physical locations.some are given below. a.convenience: as the customer doesnot have to search physically by going stores to storeand can get the desireable product without making any fuss. b. resanable prices. as the product sold on online sites elimates the middle people . this will reduce the cost of the product and make the produch cheap. c. no crowd: in online shopping, there is no crowd and one can easily shop without getting tried. d. product price comparison: as varirty of products are aviable on online sites due to which customers can compare products quality and prices on there bases. e. variety: there are variety on subsitute products this will help the customer to choose the product according to therie benefits.f. maintance privacy; in online shopping, no one knows what you purchased or what you want . this will helps in maintaning the customers privacy.

3.bricks and mortar is an in shop store. many people of america still shops from in stores. this will make the customer to recevice the product immedicately whereas , in Victoria secrets,s the product is avaibale to the customers after 2-3 days as to delicer the product takes time. in stores customers can make personal connections with emoployees which can help in gettin discounts andoffers where as in online shopping the discounts and offers are limited. as online sretailers need warehouses to keep their inventories .this problem is solved by brick and mortar by offering warehoues at cheap rates. the bricks and mortar is more reailbe as customers can see and touch products .

4.victoria secrets makes invetroy in every 6 months for keeping their database. but now they are using microstrategis DDS agents for online analytical processing. this helps in keeping more data base, managing the markets and knowing the demand for products. DSS agent enables the victoria secrets to reduce out of stock by tracking informations and knowing daily movements. victoria secrets sells more on their online site sin comparison to pysical locations beacuse to keep so many products and sell them is a hectic job for retailers whereas on online site they can sell easily without any interpution.

5. yes , victoria secrets sells more on online site in comparison to physical stores. the choices available for customers are so much on online site this can help the customer to compare product accourding to their prices and quality . victoria secrets also offers miscellanous products too. as with women lingeries and beauty product,s they also offers colthes.

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Assignment Guidelines: Use the retailer “Victoria Secret” and their website for giving answers fo...
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