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ARN? Br - Bri t H Bri

ARN? Br - Bri t H Bri
ARN? Br - Bri t H Bri
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Angeles - I nitiation - creation of radical when Bra treated with light (hu) it come homolytic af the Br-Br cleavage bond. huB and Broken DH kylmal (му - и 4-с Br-Br 2 42 Диоқ, — Т 202 H— Въ Н- И 995 436sh ca khu Br hu 16+r+ + :Br +HBr 193 kmal 400 ki/mal 866 Photochemical free radioul Reaction takes place. 202 for Bri + HBr k

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ARN? Br - Bri t H Bri
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