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Write an outline of a script for a telephone conversation that introduces a new product or...

Write an outline of a script for a telephone conversation that introduces a new product or service to an existing client.

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Telephone conversations can perform simple voice transmissions over the phone, data transmission when the party is calling, and parties where they are using a modem or image transmission when using a fax machine. Calls can be made by landline, mobile, satellite or any combination. When a call has more than one caller, it is called a conference call. When two or more network users have the same cable, it is called a party cable or a rural phone line.
The main elements of the phone are the microphone (transmitter) for the conversation and the headset (receiver) that reproduces the sound in the remote area. In addition, most phones have a bell to announce an incoming call and dial or press a key to enter a phone number when starting a call to another phone. Receivers and transmitters are usually built into the headphones that are placed on the ears and mouth during a call. Calls can be located on the smartphone or on the base unit to which the phone is connected. The transmitter converts sound waves into electrical signals that are transmitted over a telephone line to a receiving phone, which converts those signals into sound signals at the receiver or sometimes into speakers. Telephones are two-way devices, which means they allow two-way transmission at the same time.

The first phone is connected directly from the customer's office or home to another customer's location. Because they were less loyal than a few customers, these systems were replaced by manual central switches. These changes were soon linked to the creation of a global public telephone network. For better mobility, various radio transmissions were created between mobile stations on ships and cars in the mid-20th century. Handheld mobile phones have been introduced for personal service since 1973. Decades later, their analog cellular systems evolved into high-performance, low-cost digital networks.

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Write an outline of a script for a telephone conversation that introduces a new product or...
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