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Thinking It Through Fran Nichols is angry. She can't believe what happened at work today and...

Thinking It Through

Fran Nichols is angry. She can't believe what happened at work today and how unfairly she was treated by her supervisor, Dan Watson, RN. Dan has been on her case from the beginning, always criticizing her work. But she never thought he would actually fire her. Working an 8-hour shift as a nursing assistant is hard work, and it only makes sense to take some shortcuts to complete all the duties. The safety precautions that Dan insisted on were very time consuming and really didn't seem necessary. After all, the patients she worked with didn't have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or anything, so it didn't really make sense to go to so much trouble with gloves and special waste disposal and so on.

  1. Based on the information given, do you believe that Fran's dismissal was fair? Explain your answer.

  2. What would you advise Fran if she wants to continue to pursue a career in health care?

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Health care sector is one area where the chance of getting infected or infecting others is very common and highly prevalent making it risk for all healthcare professionals to acquire any infectious disease if they are careless .Besides everything safety of self and others are very important in this field. It is not necessary patient can give healthcare professionals infection but the healthcare professionals too can give then infection through contamination and Criss infection method. Here even if the patient is not infectious it is the must to follow the standard rules of precautionary measures and safety measures all the time. There is a saying that consider all patients to be a risk factor or infectious and use personal protective agents all the time when handling patient .The dismissal is fair as she has not followed the standard precautions and mafe both at-risk for infection.

If she wants to continue the following advice is necessary

  • Strictly following the standard precautionary measures in healthcare
  • Plan the work in case of high work load
  • Seek help if genuinely cannot complete the task on time
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Thinking It Through Fran Nichols is angry. She can't believe what happened at work today and...
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