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calculate the constant volume moplar heat capacity

the wavenumbers of 3 normal modes of a nonlinear triatomicmolecule are 3200 cm-1 ,1400 cm-1 ,4000cm-1. there are also 3 rotationldegrees of freedom andthey have rotational constants of 25 cm-1, 13cm-1, 8cm-1. estimate the constant-volumemolar heat capacity ofthe molecule at 3000 K using thefollowing:a) if the temperature exceeds the characteristic rotationaltemperature of a rotational mode, treat the mode as activeb) if the temperature exceeds thecharacteristic vibrational temperature of a vibrationalmode, treat the mode as activec) dont forget translational contributionsd) assume only the ground electronic state is populated
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calculate the constant volume moplar heat capacity
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