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Solve the system by substitution

Solve the system by substitution.
x + y = 12
y = 2x
Again I need help with this problem. I also need help with showing how the problem is done step- by- step. Then maybe I can actually figure out how to figure these things out by myself, please, and thank you!!
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: Now we found y = 8</b> Check both answers in both equations 1st equation: x + y = 12 4 + 8 = 12 12 = 12 that works now try the 2nd equation y = 2x 8 = 2*4 8 = 8 That works too. So now we can be sure that we have sucessfully solve the system of equations.
answered by: Michael Cannataroe
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x + y = 12 y = 2x Ok we have a system of equations here. To solve by substitution we are going to use information from the second equation and substitute it into the first equation. So here is the first equation: x + y = 12 now since the 2nd equation tells us that y is equal to 2x let substitute that in so x + y = 12 becomes x + 2x = 12 now we have an equation with only one variable to solve for so lets solve it x + 2x = 12 combine x and 2x to get 3x 3x = 12 divide both sides by 3 3x/3 = 12/3 x = 4 <b>
answered by: rane
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: We found that x = 4</b> now use this value for x in ethier equation to solve for y so lets use the 2nd equation y = 2x sub in 4 for the x y = 2*4 y = 8 <b>
answered by: antoinic
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Solve the system by substitution
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