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Identify and describe ways technology can be used to enhance the selection process. What are the...

Identify and describe ways technology can be used to enhance the selection process. What are the possible problems that can occur because of the use of technology? How can you avoid those problems?

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The selection process comprise of a few unique advances, for example, getting application, screening, testing, meet, .An enlistment essentially comprises of three unmistakable stages. The work before posting an advertisement for the empty position, the determination procedure lastly picking the correct competitor. Beneath we've assembled a layout for what an enlistment procedure may resemble as motivation for how to sort out your future enrollments. .the truth of the matter is that choice procedure is generally an intricate procedure that starts with the expectation of choosing the correct possibility for a job and finishes when the goal is satisfied.

These days, innovation can be utilized help a large number of these means. For instance messages and other correspondence means can be utilized to get application. Tests can be directed utilizing the PC based programming, meeting can be led crosswise over geologies and even last determination should be possible utilizing different weighting programming or utilization of innovation based instruments. These can abbreviate the time made for a considerable lot of these strides. Therefore innovation can improve the efficiency and streamline the choice procedure fundamentally whenever utilized appropriately.

Despite the fact that innovation can be an extraordinary assistance in streamlining the choice procedure, it can likewise cause different difficulties. One of the key test of innovation is that the entire determination procedure turns out to be amazingly automated and quantitative. In any case, we have to recollect that determination is the way toward managing other individuals and frequently we have to consider immaterial characteristics, for example, culture, frame of mind, qualities, and convictions and so forth of an individual before choosing/dismissing him/her. Innovation can't help as such. What's more, utilization of innovation superfluously may lessen the general efficiency. For instance, in the event that the choice procedure is intended for a CEO position, at that point innovation use may not be truly appropriate since different variables will matter more. In such circumstances, the selection representatives or the HR faculty need to think about the job of innovation.

So as to keep away from the difficulties/issues brought about by innovation it is essential to evaluate the normal commitment of utilizing innovation and what is the ROI. On the off chance that we do that, at that point we can choose in a target way if innovation ought to be utilized. Notwithstanding that, regardless of whether we are utilizing innovation we should comprehend the means and the necessity of the job that requires evaluation of immaterial properties.

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Identify and describe ways technology can be used to enhance the selection process. What are the...
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