Answer the following(See Example)If a tank on a lawnmower holds  gallon of gasoline, how m...

Answer the following(See Example)

If a tank on a lawnmower holds  gallon of gasoline, how many times can the tank be filled from a 5-gallon can?


a. To make a circuit board requires  of an ounce of silver. How many circuit boards could be made using 1 pound 11 pound = 16 ounces 2 of silver?


To find the number of circuit boards, divide the number of ounces of silver available by the number of ounces needed to make one circuit board.

b. A recipe for a cake calls for  of a cup of chopped nuts. Find the number of cups of nuts needed for nine such cakes.


To find the number of cups of nuts needed for nine cakes, multiply the number of cups per cake by the number of cakes. Hence,

c. The water level rose  of an inch on Thursday and 38 of an inch on Friday. How much did it rise in two days?


To find the total amount it rose, we add the amount it rose on Thursday to the amount it rose on Friday.

d. The battery on a cell phone was at of a full charge. After 3 hours of usage, the battery’s charge was reduced by  of a charge. How much charge was remaining?


To find the battery’s remaining charge, we reduce, or subtract, the expended charge from the beginning charge.

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