What is Narrative Essay Topic Prompt?

by Jliamnrich

An essay , as defined in most of the previous blogs related to the keyword ‘essay’, in this site, is usually a short piece of writing that is written from the writer’s view point. It is common for us to write essays. We have been doing it in schools, colleges and so on. There are four main types of essays, namely descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essay. Descriptive essay is that which has a detailed account of a particular person, place or a thing. In short it enables us to comprehend the descriptions through our five senses. Narrative essay is a sequence of events that happened at a particular point of time. It is usually written in first person. Expository writing is that which has specific instructions to the readers asking them to carry out a particular task according to those instructions. The best example would be a recipe. Finally, persuasive writing is one in which the writer influences a particular thought or action in the reader. A prompt is one that acts as a reminder or a cue to something that a person wishes to do. Narrative essay topic prompt gives the readers a clue as to what can be written for a narrative essay. These prompts by freeessaywriter can be used when writing a narrative essay.

Writing topics for a narrative essay is not very easy. It needs a lot of pondering and analysis. Titles do not appear from nowhere. You cannot become a good ‘topic writer’ overnight! It needs a lot of practice. Good topics come more from insight and personal experience. They are a result of your thoughts. A particular essay may trigger the memory of an incident that happened perhaps in your childhood and that will give you a good topic. It is always better that your topics follow a particular word count. It is not advisable to have a title that has more than ten words. Otherwise, it will look like a sentence and would be the least attractive part of the essay. Catchy phrases and humorous words can attract the attention of the readers. It is quite challenging to come up with a good topic that will summarize the entire essay. Your topics can be rated by the way the readers grasp the essence of the essay through just those few words.

There are many types of titles such as question title, humorous titles compare and contrast titles and so on. Following are some examples.

• My experiences on a rainy day

• My first day at school

• My sixteenth birthday party

• An excursion to Ooty

• A day with my grandparents

• The Halloween Party at my friend’s house

• The painting competition that I won

• A day at Black Thunder

• When I went to London…

• My last train journey

• A day at the zoo…

These are some examples of the narrative essay topic prompts. If you still have a doubt, you always have custom essays at your service! Find out what custom essays can do to help you with your term papers, research papers and so on!

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