When carrying out a health and safety inspection of a workplace (a) outline the benefits of using a checklist; (b) outline the limitations of using a checklist and also suggest your recommendations to improve the health and safety inspection at workplace.

Safety inspection checklists are paper or digital forms that safety officials use to inspect and identify workplace dangers that could affect people, processes, or the environment.A safety inspection checklist is useful for assessing your w... Read more

Beauty salon cost

Relevant costs refers to those cost which will be affected by a managerial decision. While Irrelevant costs refers to the cost that will not be affected by the managerial decisions. Examples of irrelevant costs are s... Read more

Coca-cola:- Promotion Mix

The Coca-Cola Company is a non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups manufacturer, retailer, and marketer based in the United States. Apart from its famous Coca-Cola beverage, the Coca-Cola Company has over 350 brands in over 200 cou... Read more

Outsourced Accounting

Small businesses shouldn't be overwhelmed by small staff; Outsourcing some activities can take the pressure off and keep things running smoothly.Some entrepreneurs like to monitor every project and monitor every responsibility, but this can l... Read more

profit and loss

One of the best way to solve the profit and loss or discount questions are by using percentages and fractions. For e.g : In question it is given that marked price is 10% above the cost price and there is a loss of 1%. Then calculate dic... Read more

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