covid in mauritius

Introduction and historyA lockdown is a safety measure that prohibits people from leaving a specific area. A full lockdown means you must remain in your current location and not leave or enter a building or the designated area. In most cases, thi... Read more

Reading skills

Reading Comprehension is the ability to understand a written passage of text. Reading fluency is a very important part of reading comprehension as readers who spend their time decoding words tend to lose the understanding of what is being read. I... Read more

Paragraph writing

Title: Paragraph WritingThe why!!!Before going to the details of Paragraph Writing, we need to be clear about why should we learn this particular topic. As you know that a ship without a radar or a captain usually never reaches its destination. I... Read more


PREPOSITIONSPREPOSITIONSPHASE 01:Read carefully. Try and Identify the prepositions present in this passage. Check with the facilitator.1. Nazia is sitting in her study room in the evening. The semester final exam of EAP 101 is on Monday. She is t... Read more

What is depression?

What is depression? Today we discuss the definition of this disorder, as well as some treatment methods . If we find out what depression is, it is easier for us to fight it.Depression (major depressive disorder) is a comm... Read more

Advantages of PD-controller

Advantages of PD-controllerThe advantages of PD-controller are:(i) It has smaller maximum overshoot due to the faster derivative action.(ii) It eliminates excessive oscillations.(iii) Damping is increased.(iv) Rise time in the transient response... Read more

Advantages of Block Diagram Representation

The advantages of block diagram representation are:(i) It facilitates easier representation of complex systems.(ii) Calculation of transfer function by block diagram reduction techniques is easy.(iii) Performance analysis of a complex system is s... Read more

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