How does Communication work?

This is a post all about how to communicate. You'll be taught about different ways of communicating, including the importance of empathy, the different styles of communication, and more. It's so important to know how to communicate in ord... Read more

Social Media Tiktok adverting

You have two options for marketing on TikTok. The first option, B2C, is the most common type of marketing on TikTok. This type of marketing focuses on targeting larger groups of people with mass content or by running “trending” promotions that ar... Read more

Five Weird but Effective ways to study

Five Weird but Effective ways to studyPut a timer on your phoneHas this ever happened to you that you couldn't finish an assignment even if you had weeks to do it, but when you reach school you somehow manage to finish it in an hour? I put my... Read more


Everyone has different life stages. There are people who dedicate their lives to art. Some people spend their whole life on research. Although they have different lives, they still must learn and improve knowledge for their field. College is not... Read more


I came to America 4 years ago. Everything new makes it difficult for me to adapt. I also started earning money to support myself. Time passed and I realized that I had nothing in my hand and no plans for myself. I also go easy on myself making my... Read more

Digestive system: small intestine

The small intestine is an organ of the digestive system and comes after the stomach, meaning it is between the stomach and the large intestine.The small intestine is an organ of the digestive system, and it is the longest. The small intestine con... Read more


Photosyntness takes place in the chloroplasts, which are organelles with a basal structure (divided into chamers) covered by a sheath consisting of two membranes (external and internal).The thylakoids containa thylakoid membrane that surrounds a... Read more

TM Organization Development

3.4.1 Organization Level            The organization level of analysis is the broadest systems perspective typically taken in diagnostic activities. To understand how an entire organization f... Read more

Reading skills

Reading Comprehension is the ability to understand a written passage of text. Reading fluency is a very important part of reading comprehension as readers who spend their time decoding words tend to lose the understanding of what is being read. I... Read more

How To Be A Successful Student

Now that college has opened the door for you and you safely got in with a full time scholarship in your hands, you can and have to be happy about what you have so far accomplished. But don’t get too excited. If you think that the strain is over a... Read more

Dry food benefit

Helps to lose weightDry fruits and nuts are excellent for weight loss if you eat them moderately. They are low in fat, carbohydrates, sugar, and more in proteins and essential oils.Keeps your skin healthy and wrinkle-freeWho doesn’t want to look... Read more

PRIMARY MARKET (New Issues Market)

 The primary market is a market for new issues or new financial claims. There occurs the flow of long-term funds from the surplus sector to the government and corporate sectors(through primary issues) and to banks and non-bank financial interme... Read more

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