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I need new and unique answers, please. (Use your own words, don't copy and paste), Please...

I need new and unique answers, please. (Use your own words, don't copy and paste), Please Use your keyboard (Don't use handwriting) Thank you..

Q1. Which policies would you like to introduce into the health system in Saudi Arabia but which are likely to face major feasibility problem?   (Use your own words, don't copy and paste)

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Answer #1

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia is provided free of charges to all citizens of Saudi Health services in Saudi Arabia are provided through 3 main sectors -

a) MOH network of hospitals and primary healthcare centers that have been distributed throughout the countery.

b) other government institutions

c) private sector

MOH provide largest healthcare facility in Countery providing 62% of inpatient care.

Policies which are likely to face feasibility problem --

A) Composition of health force -- Because of rapid industrialization in the country, education infrastructure has not developed as much to produce adequate number of physicians, nurses and other health care technician. Currently there are only 17% Saudi people in healthcare system. Effort should be made to involve more native people in healthcare. Local people have better knowledge of area and they will communicate easily than non Saudi people.

B) Capital investment and human resource acquisition coordination -- people in Saudi Arabia shows little interest in investment in healthcare system. There are not so much advanced facilities in the country to attract people. First of all government should encourage rich people to invest in health system, so that the standard should be raised. And there is lack of coordination between healthcare system and patient or people. So that people will come timely for regular health checkup.

C) financial support -- private hospital are receiving global budgets but the MOH network of hospitals is lacking in receiving more budget to increase standard of health care. There is competition between private and government hospital. Effort should be made to invest more in government hospital also.

D) Collaboration - To improve health facility there should be collaboration between government and private sector. But this can create a problem, to the physician and people working in healthcare system. There may be issues regarding salaries and working hours .so there should be a deal before privatization for proper functioning.

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I need new and unique answers, please. (Use your own words, don't copy and paste), Please...
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