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2 a. 58,4nn n 12 yara at 7 paarcant? (Do nat round intemediate caleulatians. Round your final awer to 2 decimal places. b. 518 7CC h 6 yarst R naman? (Da not round intemmediata calculation么Round your inal answer to 2 decimal places. e. S28,2nn n 1 R wars at 10parcentア(Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your final answer ta 2 daeimal plae .)

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Answer #1

Present value formula:

PV = FV / (1+r)n

Where FV = Future value, r = rate of interest, n = number of years.

Answer(a): PV = 8400 / (1+.07)12

PV = $3729.700457 or $3729.70 is the answer.

Answer(b): PV = 18700 / (1+.08)6

PV = $11784.172022 or $11784.17 is the answer.

Answer(c): PV = 28200 / (1+.10)18

PV = $5072.017875 or $5072.02 is the answer.

(Figures in image are little blurred, I might get some numbers wrong and please rate.)

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answer all questions 2 a. 58,4nn n 12 yara at 7 paarcant? (Do nat round intemediate...
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