human papillomavirus (HPV) often presente no symptoms, but can cause 1. The most common bacterial STI in the United States ab
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1) The most common bacterial STI in the united states,often present no symptoms

    but can cause genital discharge and painful urination - Chlamydia.

2) A common STI is notorious for developing resistance to antibiotics which may difficult

    to treat - Gonorrhea.

3) It is a bacterial STI progress through distinct stages beginning with possible appearance

    of a chancre,eventually if untreated the infection will progress to the latent stage where the

    bacteria spread to the body organs,the disease can cause central nerve system damage

   and dementia among other symptoms - Syphilis.

4) The majority of American with incurable STI have a viral infection characterized by blisters or

     crusted sore near the mouth or genitals - Herpes.

5) Genital warts cause by group of pathogens through some group of viruses produce no

    symptoms a vaccine available prevent infection with four stains - Human papilloma virus.

6) Infection can inflame and damge the liver,there is no cure for the infection,but a preventable

    vaccine is available - Hepatitis B.

7) A significant global health threat is transmitted by unprotected sex and shared needles can

    develop to AIDS - Human immunodeficency virus

8) Blood sucking insects transmitted by sexual contact and sharing of linen and

    and clothing - Pubic lice.


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human papillomavirus (HPV) often presente no symptoms, but can cause 1. The most common bacterial STI...
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