In your view, is the extent of social inequality in the United States helpful or harmful to society as a whole? Explain.

Contrast social mobility in developing and industrialized nations. Do you think the differences will eventually disappear? Why or why not?

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Answer: Social inequality in the United States is not helpful to the society as a whole because due to increase in diversity there are most of multiple cultured people live with their own talent. The inequality will produce loss of better outcome as it will affect the organization.

At present era there is abolishment of the social inequalities is taking place. Because now people understands that there is need of multiple cultured people who have different capacities and capabilities to perform and work. People are moving to the developed countries in search of jobs, they are most talented and this can provide better productivity rates for the organization as well as to the country.

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In your view, is the extent of social inequality in the United States helpful or harmful...
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