What is considered beautiful in one culture, can be considered deviant in another. Some things are deviant but not illegal. D
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Ans) What is considered deviant in one culture may not be considered deviant in another culture because different cultures have different norms.

- Deviant behaviors, or deviant acts in society refer to behavior that violate social norms and expectations. Deviance can be something as small as dressing in gothic clothing, or something as serious as burning someone's house down. Each society has formal laws and rules, and informal social norms in place that aim to deter people from committing deviant acts.
- Deviant acts are classified into two categories, namely formal and informal. Formal deviance relates to criminal acts as dictated by the law, while informal deviance is dictated by social norms.
- Formal deviant acts such as robbery, rape and murder are punishable by the law. A person caught engaging in such acts is prosecuted in court and may go to jail, pay a fine or serve a community service sentence.
- Informal deviant acts such as talking to yourself in public or picking one's nose in public, have fewer consequences and may not cause serious harm to the victims. While considered offensive, they may not earn any severe punishment.

- Weed is a slang term for marijuana or cannabis. It is an illegal drug to possess in the United States. Some people have a medical card that allows them to grow, manufacture and possess marijuana but only under strict regulations. Weed is considered one of the most commonly abused and illicit drugs in the United States, the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes. Weed contains delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which gives smokers a high when the chemical is released into the body.

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What is considered beautiful in one culture, can be considered deviant in another. Some things are...
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