(1) State the type of research design used in the Schultz et al. report. (2) State the elements or characteristics of this ty

Comparison of Normal Saline and Heparinized Saline for Patency of IV Locks in Neonates Alyce A. Schultz, Debra Drew, and Hila

Insertion of peripheral catheters in neonates can be difficult, painfiul, and time consuming. Reduc- ing the number of IV pun

HISON IN NEONATES 29 age variation in the studies precluded control over the size of the IV catheter. Catheter size was cited
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Answer #1

1)Randomized double-blind experiment.

2)Randomised double-blind experiment:

It is a study design in which the participants into an experimental group or a control group . As the study is conducted, the only expected difference between the control and the experiment groups in a randomized control trial is the outcome variable being studied.

In randomized double-blind trial neither the researchers nor the patients know what treatment they are receiving. the experimenter and the participant are not aware of whether they are receiving treatment or placebo. it facilitates blinding of the identity of treatment from investigators ,participants, and assessors.this is to ensure no bias occurs in the trial.randomized controlled trials are the most rigorous way of determining whether a cause-effect relationship exists between treatment and outcome and for assessing the cost-effectiveness of treatment.

3)yes, the research design fit to research purpose. In this study patients are randomly selected for study and the drugs are administered double-blinded, both the patients and the researchers don't know which one is administered to the patient. here the comparison is between heparinised saline and normal saline for iv locks.

4)dependent variable: it is the variable in which the researcher is interested in. the changes to dependent variable is what we are trying to find and tolerability of saline solution is the dependent variable.

independent variable: it is a variable beleived to affect the dependent variable.this is the variable taht the resercher manipulate to check if it makes the dependent variable change. here the independent variable is 2 types of saline solution, the normal saline, and heparinised dependent variable is the different saline solution.

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(1) State the type of research design used in the Schultz et al. report. (2) State...
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