Compare and Contrast the USA vs other countries.  Why do you think the United States has an Obesity Issue? 2. After researching Obesity in the U.S. what are some reasons why Obesity is on the rise? Please list a scholarly source to support your answer.
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Answer:The federal government of USA is spending lots of money on uplifting the health of the people. But the people of the USA are suffering from chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease is much common among people.

The United States has an obesity issues as most of the people are being weight whereas there is also increase in the childhood obesity. People are busy and unable to takecare of the themselves. They have busy schedule and due to unawareness among people increases the obesity rate. The increase consumption of alcohol and smoking causes high risk of developing obesity. People are not at all concern with the healthy lifestyle and doesn't indulge physical activities. Increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension are common in USA.

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Compare and Contrast the USA vs other countries.  Why do you think the United States has an...
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