I am practicing python by doing some projects, and I am stuck on this function. I'd like to know how to do it without using statements like break, input, print, or continue.

The first parameter represents a person to friends dictionary, the second parameter represents a person to clubs dictionaP2F = {Jesse Katsopolis: [Danny R Tanner, Joey Gladstone, Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis], Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopoli

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Answer #1


Please find the solution given below, if you have any doubts in it please ask me in comment section.Thank You


Code to Copy:

P2F = {
   'Jesse Katsopolis': ['Danny R Tanner', 'Joey Gladstone',
   'Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis'],
   'Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis': ['Kimmy Gibbler'],
   'Stephanie J Tanner': ['Michelle Tanner', 'Kimmy Gibbler'],
   'Danny R Tanner': ['Jesse Katsopolis', 'DJ Tanner-Fuller',
   'Joey Gladstone']

P2C = {
   'Michelle Tanner': ['Comet Club'],
   'Danny R Tanner': ['Parent Council'],
   'Kimmy Gibbler': ['Rock N Rollers', 'Smash Club'],
   'Jesse Katsopolis': ['Parent Council', 'Rock N Rollers'],
   'Joey Gladstone': ['Comics R Us', 'Parent Council']

def recommend_clubs(
                   person_to_friends: Dict[str, List[str]],
                   person_to_clubs: Dict[str, List[str]],
                   person: str,) -> List[Tuple[str, int]]:
                   Return a list of club recommendations for person based on the
                   "person to friends" dictionary person_to_friends and the "person
                   to clubs" dictionary person_to_clubs using the specified
                   recommendation system.
                   club_recommendations = {}
                   if person in person_to_friends.keys():#check whether given person is in person_to_frinds dictionary
                       friends = person_to_friends[person]#get the corresponding person's friends list
                       print("Given \"{}\" person coundn't find in P2F dictionary".format(person))
                   for friend in friends:#iterate over a friends list
                       if friend in P2C.keys():
                           clubs = P2C[friend]
                           for club in clubs:
                               count = 1
                               if club not in club_recommendations:
                                   club_recommendations[club] = count# add recommended club into club_recommendations dict
                                   club_recommendations[club] += 1#if club is aready present in dict the increment its recommendation count

                           #print("\"{}\" coundn't find in P2C dictionary\n".format(friend))

                   club_recommendation_list = (list(club_recommendations.items())) #convert dictionary of items to a list

                   return club_recommendation_list

if __name__ == '__main__':
       club_recommendation_list = recommend_clubs(P2F,P2C,'Stephanie J Tanner')

Screenshot of code:

Screenshot of Output;

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I am practicing python by doing some projects, and I am stuck on this function. I'd...
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