15. Consider the following reaction. 2Al (s) + Fe2O3 (s) → Al2O3 (s) + 2Fe (s) In one experiment 30.5 grams iron is formed when 104 g of Al is reacted with 90 g of Fe2Os. What is the percent yield? a. 100% b. 75% C. 50% d. 33% e. 25%
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Answer #1

The answer is:-

Thi neactiou t balan el. Now, an pe ushon Molecular Weiging feDz ú·159. 69 g :58 IS9.G92nd page

So, (55.88×1,127) 1-121 w our Fe 2 2 62. PS o,pen conte 30.s 62.897 20P 50/

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15. Consider the following reaction. 2Al (s) + Fe2O3 (s) → Al2O3 (s) + 2Fe (s)...
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