A. Issues [1] In addition to damages for one years notice period, can a trial judge award significant damages for the mere f[12] However, it is implied in the contract that the party terminating the contract without cause will give notice of reasonahere (para. 19he respondent interpo [20] The trial Reasons expressly found that mental suffering was not the ground for the i[24] What if courts imposed heavy and almost automatic penalties on any defendant who alleged cause in good faith, but then f32] Therefore, when such an employee is dismissed, it is probable that some of the employees future earning potential will d[40] But it is no such thing, and never has been. Hadley v. Baxendale is a limit on damages, not even a floor for calculating[49] First, the respondent plaintiff alleges that the appellant deliberately delayed and then structured the dismissal, all i[58] Tenth, the respondent was licensed only as a representative employee (salesman and adviser), and not as a broker. It wasFind the courts decision in Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. v. Soost, 2010 ABCA 251. It will be helpful to read the case in its en

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Answer #1

Which one is the false statement

Option B is false statement so B is correct option

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A. Issues [1] In addition to damages for one year's notice period, can a trial judge...
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