ENGR 113 Homework DC Motor Objectives Plot the Torque-Speed curve for a given DC motor given the stall torque and no load spe
Derive a characteristie TorueSpeed equation based on the values given for the motor. The equation should be in the form of T-

need the answer for the question no. 1
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Answer #1

Selection : F m N = K 1 1-Iope) and for DC motor, 1 Tala iNak / V-Kit Ra? Tamwtb . Foom equation o, Kre V-K(TRA 7 Teinalt (к

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Answer #2

Question 1

T = mw + b

Given that the Stall Torque is php0Gwi89.png. This is the maximum torque generated by the motor. This occurs when the speed is zero.

So when w =0,T=T

Substituting this, we get

T. = mx 0+ b


Now the no load speed is phpXhoXTu.png. This is the speed when there is no torque.

So when phpOQ91eD.pngphpTcWQSo.png, “ო = ო

Substituting this we get

0= mxm + b

m = - wm

m = - wm

Hence we can write

T = mw + b

r- :+T,

So the characteristic Torque – Speed equation is

r- :+T,

In the specification, we can see that

T = 2.97 oz - in

wm = 6200 RPM


T = 2.97 T=-6200 6200 +2.97

T = -0.000479w+ 2.97

Question (2)

Speed (RPM) 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 Torque (oz - in) Power (Watts) 2.97 0 2.9221 0.2162354 2.8742

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need the answer for the question no. 1 ENGR 113 Homework DC Motor Objectives Plot the...
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