Give atleast two proposed projects related to railways in the Philippines and research on info on...

Give atleast two proposed projects related to railways in the Philippines and research on info on the following:

-project description

-advantages and disadvantages of the project

- innovations / features - investors

- any forecasted data statistics (user count)

- comparison with other country

- challenges to the industry/ developer

- justification for project

- foreseen problems or recommendations on existing railway infrastructure in the country

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Answer #1

Philipines national railways PNR is a state-owned company. Philippine was first ruled by Spain and then by the US. There was great destruction done to the railway's services during WWII the MRR (Manila railroad) of New Jersey was ordered to destroy the network infrastructure, that resulted in extensive damage to the railways and the subsequent occupation by Japanese occupation of Philippine further destroy the railway infrastructure. The natural calamities in 1973 and 1975 also disrupted and closure of several parts of the mainline.

PNR (Philippines National Railways was established in the year 1892 when it was ruled by Spain, then it became  Manila Railroad Company (MRR) under the US rule and, it is now Philippine National Railways established by virtue of Republic Act on June 24, 1964.

The two main projects the Company has taken are North-South railway project is a proposed railway line connecting the Metro Manila and Legaspi City,

The second project that is approved is  Malolos-Clark Railway Project this approved project will be connecting with the ongoing  Tutuban-Malolos portion of the North-South,

2. The North-South Projects estimated cost is around  (USD 5.75 billion), it will be offering 72 km commuter line and 581 km for long distance transport service with an objective to catalyze economic and urban growth and provide world-class transport facilities,

The Malolos-Clark Railway Project hs an estimated cost of (USD 4.3 billion), the railway line will be 106 km long and will be having 17 stations in between, this will reduce the travel time from 2 hours to 55 minutes from Manila to Central Luzon., this project has to be completed by the last quarter of 2021.

Bot the projects are financed by Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Japan

3. There are many advantages of the project, as this project will connect many cities, thus making the transport better and comfortable, the commuters can save their traveling time, and for the first time, Manila will get connected to Luzon.

The old bridges will be upgraded or the railway tracks will be restored and renovated for the safe journey and to tolerate the speed and weight of the train, development of station and depots on the NSP.

The disadvantage will be on the financing part if the projects are delayed, then the cost of construction will increase. the maintenance will be through a public-private partnership,

4. Innovation is the key to success, the rail projects are going to give world-class services, and it will be helpful for progress of the country the investors are funding is done by Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Japan, The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP).

5 Comparing it with other Asian countries like Japan and India it is seen that Jpan has well-established railway infrastructure although it was destroyed during WWII, The hard work and honesty is the success, while Indi after 70 years of independence from the British has not reached where Japan has already reached due to social economic and political as well as overpopulation, Now Philippine has taken the step of its development with world-class facility, it will be successful and feasible if done within stipulated time with honesty. It will increase its economy.

6. The challenge to the developer and Industry is the natural calamities, and unforeseen circumstances, the stable political power are very necessary for completion of the project.

7. Justification with the project will be done if it is delivered as and when promised, if there are no unforeseen hindrances and difficulties, that can halt the project, like internal dispute or financial crunch.

8, The foreseen problems can be labor problem or a difficult route, that requires extra effort and extra finance, the present infrastructure is getting repaired, and renovated, the bridges are getting upgraded, the signal system is upgraded and the depots are getting renovated, the good and honest effort will give sweet result and success

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Give atleast two proposed projects related to railways in the Philippines and research on info on...
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