1. this is about capitalism and communism :
a) what do they have in common (consequences)
b) major differences (consequences)

2. underwhich system do i prefer to live? why?

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Answer #1

major difference÷


1) system of government is Democratic

2) property is privately owned

3) driven by free enterprise

4) wealth distributed unevenly

5) education and health care provided by private entities

6) focus is on the individual of his/her own orogrproin life

7) freddom pf press class distinction: upper class , middle class and working class


1) system of government is totalitarian

2) property is owned by the state

3) no free enterprise is allowed

3) wealth is distributed equally

4) press controlled and owned by the state

5)focus is on the progress of the community as a whole


They both assumed nature's resources to be infinite and placed value on extracting resources at faster rates distributing them through an ownerships based model. With infinite resources,you can meet everyone's needs through individual ownership since there is enough,in theory, to make one for everyone. However, many (especially the youth) see the futility of the idea that nature is limitless,that the earth has an infinite capacity to absorb our pollution or hide our waste.

second question÷

The obvious answer is to look at history and see the cold war situation of the berlin wall and very tight restrictions on leaving the Eastern block, the countless attempts to defect to the west ..

But that's is not really answering the question .

People weren't trying to escape the Eastern block because of the communist ideology approach to many aspect of running the country.

They were trying leave because first and foremost above all other consideration the eastern block counties were dictatorship,often pretty paranoid ones with over the top domestic surveillance.

This was what the majority of people escaping the eastern block were escaping.

Also note where they were escaping to.Not to many of them were heading to capitalist dictatorship like Chile.It was Democrats they were heading to.

This very strongly suggest dictatorship were the issue .Not ideology.

so which is better A communist country or a capitalst country?

I really struggle to think of a fair comparison existing anywhere in the world.

And what defines a Communist party ?What defines a capitalist country?Where do you draw the line? What about socialist democracy?

I wouldn't raelly a call modern northern Europe ideologically capitalist.

Overall as an answer I'd have to guess communist is best .Though this is being scientific and based on lots of theoretical and trying to imagine to equally Democratic/doctorial and equally wealthy countries with communist/capitalist ideology as the only deciding factor.

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1. this is about capitalism and communism : a) what do they have in common (consequences)...
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