At least one way that you can diminish the power of materialistic values in your life, and explain the impact that you think it will have on happiness, justice, or sustainability. Make sure that you provide enough detail.

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Life starts were the confort zone ends.

The way by which you can diminish the power of materialistic value in your life is by remembering that Man Is Mortal and you can't take anything along with you from this material world.

Thenyou must give the priority to those things which going to matter you the most when you are on your deathbed.

Here I want to make a important note that living a less materialistic Lifestyle doesn't mean becoming a monk and abstaining from all of life's pleasure.There is only a need to create a self awareness,which means shifting your focus away from possesion towards the absolute truth i.e, divine.

And this is the only way to get back to a divine.

Further, this will lead to your mind to be in a state of peace.

This is a way by which a person could have a balanced view towards life.


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At least one way that you can diminish the power of materialistic values in your life,...
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