From the perspective of a developing economy (e.g., India, China), do you think globalization is an advantage or a disadvantage for developing economies? Provide a basis for your argument.

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Globalization describes the integration of world economies, but for rather some time, few developed nations such as the USA and UK are moving towards the anti-globalization policies.
Globalization now relocating favor of establishing nations. Established countries have become a market for developing countries, China is a supreme example of this. United States trade deficit with China is close to 485 Billion dollars which are huge and matter of worry. US items are unable to compete against Chinese items in the United States market. Trump's federal government has actually begun a trade war to conserve the economy of the US.

But the benefits of globalization are not equally distributed in addition to the establishing countries. Few nations where the political system is not steady enough, such countries. India through its expertise in the IT sector.
developed countries are also getting from trade but over the long-developing countries are going to be big beneficiaries of globalization.

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From the perspective of a developing economy (e.g., India, China), do you think globalization is an...
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