You just were chosen as the Customs Minister of a small country, Which non-tariff barriers would you adopt and adapt to help your country? Why?

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If I am chosen as a custom minister for a small country then following no-tariff barriers I will adapt to help my country.

License necessity- For promoting the serious players to conduct business into my country I will impose the stringent licensing requirement for multinational corporations. This effort will help my country to get only serious players who want to contribute to the country.

High-quality standard- There will be high-quality standard necessities for imported goods. There should be heavy quality checking on the imported products to maintain high-quality measures. Few countries especially China is famous for exporting cheaper quality goods because they want to lower the prices of the product even lower than the local producers or manufacturers. Some products are very harmful. For example, baby toys may contain lead, glasses which are very harmful to the kid’s skin.

Quota- to help the local manufacturer and service providers I will put a quota on the quantity of imported and exported goods. This will limit the number of imported or exported products. When the imported products will be limited in the country then the demand for local goods and product will be high and hence local manufacturer will be benefited.

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You just were chosen as the Customs Minister of a small country, Which non-tariff barriers would...
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