What are the advantages and disadvantages of viewing organizational communication in terms of power? What roles...

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of viewing organizational communication in terms of power?
  2. What roles do metaphors, myths, and stories play in maintaining and transforming existing power relations?
  3. What role does electronic surveillance play in the exercise of power at work? Do you agree or disagree with an employer’s right to monitor employee’s use of the internet, e-mail, or social networking sites?

**organizational behavior**

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Answer #1

There are quite a number of advantages as well as disadvantages regarding the organization communication in terms of power. The power rests with the top level management and that makes us consider Vertical organization Structure. Organizations need structure to realize declared goals. The structure of a corporation determines the strategy by that it performs business operations. several firms these days use the purposeful organization structure, that means that staff, managed through clear lines of authority, ultimately report back to one person. The vertical purposeful model uses a hierarchical data structure with a robust construct of subordination; it encompasses management span of management, reportage relationships and a centralized management employees that holds the position of power.

Metaphors, Myths and stories play a crucial role in maintaining and transforming existing power relations in the organization or any firm. Myths, metaphors, and stories are all sources of power as a result of they add some form of worth to someone or organization. This worth is either dangerous or smart. the facility of myths and stories particularly will cause emotions. folks then act on those emotions and might either support a company or not support it. dangerous stories a few company will decrease the facility they need. AN organization’s main goal is to draw in customers and create a profit. With smart stories, myths, and metaphors comes additional profits and with dangerous comes a decrease in customers and profits.

It depends on the employer to employee relationship in any organization. E-Surveillance can be both useful and harmful to the organization as well. Because implementation of E-Surveillance can be very much advantageous if the employees are wasting their time unproductively. I personally think that the use E-Surveillance has more harms than the benefits it get's to the employer. Electronic surveillance refers to the employment of computers and alternative technological devices to observe, record, and track worker activities. data on worker performance, behaviors, and private characteristics is collected in real time or as a part of broader structure processes.

The dangers of surveillance within the geographical point are debated since the first 1980's, once a multi-disciplinary report commissioned by the legislative assembly workplace of Technology Assessment entitled The Electronic Supervisor: New Technologies, New Tensions examined its doubtless harmful effects. Early analysis incontestable its impact on worker stress levels. surveillance is most nerve-wracking once it doesn't represent worker efforts accurately, staff cannot challenge its results, it's applied to inappropriate tasks that are troublesome to live and staff don't have any say in its onset. what is more if it's applied intensively wherever there are threats to job security, wherever selections concerning pay or promotion are at stake, wherever staff are under-trained, or wherever there are low levels of trust and communication between management and staff its results is harmful. If no different is found, social control attention to task style, super ordinate processes, employees’ expectations concerning police work, and therefore the operating surroundings will mediate its downsides.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of viewing organizational communication in terms of power? What roles...
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