Briefly describe the types of ventilation systems My subject is Plant Engineering

Briefly describe the types of ventilation systems

My subject is Plant Engineering

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Industrial plants typically use one of the two types of ventilation systems:

  1. Dilution System: This helps in lowering the pollutant concentration from the air by way of mixing it with clean and unpolluted air.
  2. Local Exhaust: Through this system, the contaminants are caught at or near the source of the contamination and are then exhausted outside.

Advantages of Dilution Ventilation System

  • It usually involves lower equipment as well as costs.

  • This system of industrial ventilation is low maintenance.

  • It is very effective in controlling the low amount of chemical toxicity.

  • It has proven quite effective in controlling flammable as well as combustible gases.

Disadvantages of the Dilution Ventilation System

  • While it does remove contaminants from the air, it might not be efficient enough to remove all the contaminants.

  • Plants producing highly toxic chemicals cannot use this ventilation system.

  • It is also ineffective for dust, a huge amount of gases as well as vapors.

  • It requires a huge amount of makeup air to replace the contaminated indoor air.

  • It is inadequate in handling irregular emissions.

Advantages of Local Exhaust Ventilation

  • It arrests the pollutants right at the source and exhausts them outdoors.

  • It is quite efficient in high toxicity environments.

  • Can adequately control various types of pollutants including dust as well as fumes

  • Does not require a large amount of makeup air

  • Utilizes less energy and hence lower in cost too

Disadvantages of Local Exhaust Ventilation

  • The design, installation as well as equipment cost is high.

  • Needs to be cleaned regularly along with regular inspections

  • Is high in maintenance.

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Briefly describe the types of ventilation systems My subject is Plant Engineering
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