) Provide one example of ethical behavior in a business setting, and one example of unethical...

) Provide one example of ethical behavior in a business setting, and one example of unethical behavior in a business setting. Try to use examples from your own experience with local businesses; as an employee or a customer tends to work best. You can refrain from using the name of the business if you prefer. 2) How would you have handled the unethical behavior differently if it were your business?

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1) Ethics are basically considered the backbone of any individual, business and even the Government ruling the state. It systemize the concept of what is right or wrong.

These moral principles govern a business's behaviour and in the recent times , Ethics have been gaining a lot of attention by the media and individuals associated with these business.

Business uses the society for its resources and functioning,thereby obligating it to the welfare of the society. While the objective of all business is to make profits, it should contribute to the interest of the society by ensuring fair practices however GREED often leads the business towards unethical practices.

One such example of unethical practice by a business setting is a major E-TICKETING platform which charges extra dollars for every booking stating it as internet handling fee which is clearly against the law. They justify it by saying that it's basically a convenience fee charged for providing customers with the convenience of booking tickets from their comfort zone, without having to access physical points of sale.

On the contrary, an example of ethical behaviour by an online travel company which took responsibility and accountability for a miscommunication caused between them and the Hotel I booked rooms for. Not only did they provide me with a refund but also they immediately arranged a upgraded fascility completely free of cost.  

2) If it would have been me handling the online E-TICKETING business, I wouldn't have charged the customers extra dollars stating that it is a convenience fee as online ticket platforms already earn commisions on every tickets from the exhibitors.

In a way,it isn't a convenience for the customers but for the exhibitors as bookings have increased phenomenally and they have started to earn even more.

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) Provide one example of ethical behavior in a business setting, and one example of unethical...
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