do SWOT analysis.

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Mystic Monk coffee makes profits by attracting the catholic population and selling coffee through online which helped the organization to expand its business. The SWOT analysis of the company is presented accordingly:

Strength – The key strength of Mystic Monk coffee is that implementation of the high-quality organic coffee bean which is traded from Arabica. It includes tremendous roast, blends and flavours which is quite a preference for the coffee drinkers.  

Weakness – The overall production of the coffee company is limited to about 540 pounds per day. There is other limitation which creates a negative impact on their production is that silent meditation and significant devotion provides the monks potential to work of six hours a day.

Opportunity – There are various other opportunities which are involved with the Mystic Monk Coffee is that the marketing strategy by attracting the US catholic population and other population who are certainly quite health conscious.

Threats – The only thereat in this case is most of the people will refrain to go for Mystic Monk Coffee due to the religious backgrounds and training.

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do SWOT analysis. CASE 01 Mystic Monk Coffee connect . David L. Turnipseed University of South...
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