Why should a company be socially responsible ?

Why should a company be socially responsible ?

The company is socially responsible, why because it exists only in society

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The company is socially responsible, why because it exists only in society.

Its social responsibility comes as its gains benefit from the society by getting workforce, resources, and other things.

The socially responsible means it also paying tax to the government from its benefits and it is attached to its benefits of shares to the society.

Basically, social responsibility was the employees to get leverage to the corporate resources at their disposal, so that the company will give developers and as well as it develops the society. So, the simultaneous development and simultaneous responsibility exist between the corporate companies, are the ways companies to society.

The following are some points to be considered to ensure the company is more responsive to a corporate citizen. It committing to protect the environment. It has to supply to the board of government bodies so that it has to receive benefits from Government .and The smart about donating money is expected from the companies to society for the Welfare of the society.

It has to follow the workforce's health and also it has to provide a safe environment to the workforce It has to follow the code of ethics which should not be against any normal best to society.

So, this is answer, how the company is socially responsible

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Why should a company be socially responsible ?
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