1. Explain the difference in the way Isaac Newton, Sigmund Freud and other socially influential public figures of their time used cocaine and/or opium and how socially influential figures of time (Athletes, movie stars) of our time used cocaine. What justified the use 200 - 300 years ago, compared to today?
  2. Who are the Parsees of India? Describe how the Parsees and the British profited from the distribution of Opium in World Trade(Use the Internet)
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Answer #1

Socially influential public glfigures of ancient times used drugs to change their state if mind. Drugs provided them increased alertness, strenth and stamina. They also used it to relax them mentally and physically so that they can have thoughts on their work properly. Socially influential figures of our time are using drugs for inapropriate use. They are using drugs to avoid their own problems. Athletes use drugs to increase their stamina so that they can win. Movie stars uses drugs to avoid the mental pressure.

At that time, drug was not abused. It was taken in appropriate amounts for definite use. Nowadays, it is being misused even after being banned at some places.

Parsees belong to zoroastrian community who migrated to india from persia. They first conquered gujarat in india. They have made immense contributions to the development of india.

Britishers made profits from the sale of opium to china first and then worldwide. The chinese goods were in high demand in england that time, therefore, to balance the trade, opium was provided to china in return of chinese goods which benefited the britishers. At that time, opium trade was legal. Still after the banning of opium trade, it was still smuggled. This not only benefited the britishers but also provided a huge profit to the parsees of india who became very rich because of this opium trade.

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