2. Please list, describe in detail, and discuss the major threats to aquatic lotic ecosystems. In your discussions please make sure to list the root causes of each of these threats, and the specific effects they have on aquatic organisms.

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major threats to aquatic lotic ecosystems are-

habitat modification- sometimes the habitat of various aquatic species are modified due to various reasons including climate changes or human intervention.

fragmentation and destruction- various habitats get fragmented and destroyed eventually displacing may species or killing them eventually.

invasive species; overfishing- introduction or presence of invasive species is responsible for the destruction of few species in the area and overfishing by humans also affect the lotic ecosystems negatively.

environmental pollution;- it is a human-based intervention responsible for the killing of many species in that area.

and climate change- this is the main cause as it is responsible for the change in habitat or habitat destruction, this may also cause the introduction of invasive species all responsible for displacing and killing many aquatic species present in the lotic ecosystem.

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2. Please list, describe in detail, and discuss the major threats to aquatic lotic ecosystems. In...
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