Rc circuit

R2 7) R3 Four resistors of values R1 = 2.0 Ω, R2 = 4.0 Ω, R3-3.00, and R4° 9.0 Ω are connected across an 8.0 VDC source as shown in the above figure, what is the power dissipated in R2, the 4.00 resistor? A) 4.0 W B) 16. W C)9.0 W D) 7.1 W E) 1.0 W 8) Also calculate the voltage across R a) 1 V b) 2 V c) 3 V d) 4 V
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Answer #1

first we will find equivalent resistance

Req=(R1+R2) parllel to(R3+R4)

=(4+2) parllel to(9+3)

=6 parllrl to 12



Total Current in circuit: Itotal = Vtotal/Rtotal (using Ohms law)




so Vn=8*4/(4+2)

Vn=5.33 V




answer is D



=2V --answer

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Rc circuit R2 7) R3 Four resistors of values R1 = 2.0 Ω, R2 = 4.0...
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