Power in Negotiations

  1. What is power? How does one acquire power and what is the best kind of power to have?
  2. How do I preserve the power that I have?
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Answer #1

Power is the ability to persuade others to do things and act as one wants to act. People have different types of powers such as, inherited power from father to children, delegated power such as the managers, legitimate power such as the government officials etc. Of all the powers, it’s the power which is respected and trusted by others that would get more response because leaders who use the power to empower their subordinates would be able to influence their followers. One could have one’s power by using it to benefit oneself and those around one and not to use that power to dominate or hurt others. This would help one overcome the influence of their power and make them help others in order to find amicable solutions.

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Power in Negotiations What is power? How does one acquire power and what is the best...
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