5. What is Emotional Intelligence and how can it help a leader to improve their skills? Select any two world leaders (past or

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5) Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability of an individual to identify, recognise and control one's emotions and at the same time the ability to shape, and manage the emotions of other as well. Emotional Intelligence is based on the fundamental principle which believes that emotions and performance are closely related and thus possessing some knowledge and understanding about one's emotional mechanism play a very important role in determining and predicting how effective and efficient the performance results will be.

Emotional Intelligence will help the leader to recognise , understand and control his emotions in all situations and help him to not let his emotions affect the work activities or tasks. EI will not only let him to act impulsive but rather enable him to learn how to respond in a calm , rational and logical manner in difficult situations. It will help him to maintain am image of a humble and a patient leader. Moreover emotional intelligence will also help leader to channelise the energy of his followers through managing and shaping their emotions with the help of deep understanding about the sources of them to make use of them for getting tasks effectively done. Leader will not let the emotions get in way of fulfilling the objective by guiding the followers.

The two present world leaders i.e Bill Gates and Elon Musk make use of Emotional Intelligence in their career fields to motivate, convince and influence their followers to perform as instructed. Bill Gates in my opinion understands the importance and significant of Emotional Intelligence very well and hence introduces such policies which will prove effective in managing the stress levels and work load of employees so that they stay motivated and happy while performing jobs. On the other hand Elon Musk also uses Emotional Intelligence to ensure that his employees are able to cope up with the pressure, personal problems and stress at workplace for which he has incorporated a mechanism which aims to address the professional and personal problems of his employees and provides suggestions or solutions on how to come out of it. Mental health of employees is important for both these leaders as they know only a happy employee can provide the desired results. Therefore EI puts a positive influence on leadership of both the leaders and makes their leadership approach more effective and efficient.



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5. What is Emotional Intelligence and how can it help a leader to improve their skills?...
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