Briefly discuss 3 biomimetic applications in biomedical research.

Briefly discuss 3 biomimetic applications in biomedical research.

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During recent years Biomimetic applications contributes advances to biomedical research to solve human problems. 3 biomimetic applications are discussed here elaborately like mimicking nature form or function, which is the most commonly seen in biomedical research, for example, Cardiac research where poised field used for new breakthroughs which describes the structures and electromechanical function of the heart as a function of tissue architecture. Research studies show that how to maximizes the physiologic function of engineered tissues.

Nature inspired chemical engineering in biomimetic applications effectively use to sustain lifeas well as to maintain efficiency. This application follows the process design in biomedical research like defining clarity on nature-inspired design vs imitation and bio-integrated design, advantages of NICE approach, designing advanced and new materials, that particularly focuses on biomedical research.

Nature integrated design as most of application around biological organisms or as a bio-integrated design. This application of biomimetic behave as morphologically resemble to their natural counterparts as its unique hierarchical transport network and this flow gives straightforward imitation in biomedical research that leads to minimal resistance for example, BIQ building , the advancement of accurate biocompatibility as a behaviour similar that shapes mimicking those in biological system.

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Briefly discuss 3 biomimetic applications in biomedical research.
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