Discuss the events that drew the United States into World War I. To what extent did ethnicity play a role in America

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World War I started in Europe in August 1914. The Germany and Austria-Hungary are on one side and Britain, France, and Russia (allies) opposed them and formed second group in World War I.

President Woodrow Wilson of United States played a neutral role in World War I but partially he supported allies group. Germany submarine attacks killed around 128 Americans which made Wilson to respond harshly. Thus, he declared the war against Germany on April 2, 1917 because of Germany’s submarine attacks on passenger and merchant ships in 1917. Wilson tried to establish friendly relation with Germany until they attacked passenger ships with submarines.

The Russians decided to quit the war in favour of British. This scarcity is replaced by American army in 1917. America spend all its economy to win in the World War I.

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Discuss the events that drew the United States into World War I. To what extent did...
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