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1. Theres 16 major U.S. Federal HRM Laws. Which do you think was the most important?...

1. Theres 16 major U.S. Federal HRM Laws. Which do you think was the most important? Which has had a direct or personal impact on you or someone in your life? go into detail

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Personally speaking, after reviewing all the 16 major federal HRM laws, I strongly think that the most important is the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). It is this law that provides equal opportunities in employment in a diverse workforce. Due to globalization, there is a diverse workforce. To increase opportunities for the discriminated or minorities who are discriminated, this is the best federal HRM law. In today’s globalized world, there is a diverse set of people from different backgrounds such as race, ethnicity, origin, gender, age, etc. To overcome all these biased pre-conceived notions about discrimination, it is important for the organization to comply with EEO. The protected class as designated by EEO has certain characteristics such as veterans, people with disabilities, age (above 40), gender – primarily women and women who are pregnant, race, etc. Thus, it is important for all organizations to adhere to its EEO laws.

EEO has a direct influence on me. I was aspiring to take the team leadership role, the most awaited promotion. One of my colleagues who was not qualified for the post was selected due to his race. Yes, the management member who interviewed and selected him took a highly biased decision because that particular candidate was of his race. This had a great impact on me. This was a highly unethical decision however I was unable to do anything because the management member was holding the highest post in the organization at that time. I was unable to accept such a decision and quit the company without waiting for the next promotion.

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1. Theres 16 major U.S. Federal HRM Laws. Which do you think was the most important?...
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