What should a leader do if there is uncontrolled or unacceptable emotions or behaviour exhibited in the workplace? 220–250 words


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Answer: The leader needs to play a major role in the situations where there are uncontrollable emotions or unacceptable behavior exhibited in the workplace. The leader first needs to establish the root cause behind such emotions and behaviors. Based on these findings he needs to develop measures that can help in taking care of the situation. It is often seen that such emotions and behaviors are mainly due to the factors that prevail at the workplace. Therefore it is important that the leaders should first identify these factors. After these factors are established the leaders need to establish measure for taking care of these issues. One of the important steps in this situation is to establish a dialogue with the employees and understand about the situation. Thus the first step the leader should take is to establish the dialogue.

After the dialogue is set up and reasons are identified, the leader should sit with all the stakeholders and discuss about the possible solutions for managing the situation. After discussing the alternative the leader should attempt to create a consensus on the solutions identified. The leaders should then implement these solutions while involving all the stakeholders. He should clearly communicate about the expectations and monitor the progress from time to time. The leader should regularly check of the effectiveness of the solutions by regular monitoring. The changes should be brought accordingly in the interventions developed.

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